Lessons from Irma

While all of us Floridians learned something from the experience that was Hurricane Irma, her lessons went further than food prep and emergency response. She also reminded us of the importance of maintaining the exterior surfaces of our homes. Huge and unsightly settlement cracks aren’t the only means of entry for water into our walls. Other small and less noticeable cracks may be lurking under the surface of a painted surface that hasn’t had any attention in 5, 15, or 20 years. Florida weather is not kind to exteriors. High UV indices, gusty winds, and random freezes (in some parts) can all take a toll on your castle’s outer coat. Consider having your exterior sealed the next time you get it painted. Sealant application is easy, but it’s benefit is paramount. Sealant is actually considered a “primer” with the additional duty of blocking moisture.  “Primers” have the duty of regulating the rate that the surface absorbs paint. 

While we were glad to see Irma go, we will remember her lessons and be ready in the future.  

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