Freshen up that popcorn ceiling!

Popcorn texture was once the go-to for ceilings. It’s easy to apply, quick drying, and adds character to any room. The problem is that cleaning and maintenance can be a pain. Many attempts at cleaning popcorn result in crumbling of the texture. How disappointing! Here are three ways to handle that old popcorn:

1) Apply a fresh coat of paint. Nothing says ‘fresh’ like a new coat of paint.

2) Replace areas of damaged popcorn with new drywall and fresh popcorn texture. Vigorous rubbing can cause the popcorn to crumble. Some areas may be damaged and beyond the salvation of paint. Such areas will need new drywall and new popcorn applied.

3) Remove the popcorn and replace with a new texture such as knockdown.
Scraping away the popcorn and replacing it with a new design is also an option.
Contact us with any questions about popcorn or any other texture issues.

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